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Renovation - Old Barn

This conversion near Llandovery, for a Church of England Charity, was taken on when a previous builder did not complete the work. The shell was complete and doors and windows had already been installed. Outside work included finishing the roof tiling and flashings and installation of environmentally friendly stainless steel gutters and downpipes.

Internally work to building regulations was carried out, including special insulation, plastering, plumbing, flooring, kitchen, etc.

The property has a loft sleeping area, a living area and small kitchen & bathroom space.

As this is an environmentally friendly conversion, electricity is supplied by photo-voltaic cells supplemented by a small generator. Water comes from a private supply and the Range which supplies both heat and cooking facilities runs on Calor gas. There is no telephone.



Loft sleeping area

The Range for cooking and heating

View from the living area

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